Rabu, 28 April 2010

Sebuah hasil karya dari Vkar Rendi Villarnin Subagya

gmbr.1 "runaway matador"
my (detailed preview) work for Ladies 1st. Rain city bands
enjoy soon will be available at: www.myspace.com/ladiest1st

gmbr.2 "kabuto samurai"
for MMA (www.lovemma.com) clothing .UK

gmbr.3 "quod sum eris"
nothing for to sale :P just showing off my new icon

gmbr.4 "raise your spear,spartan"
work for Sweet As Revenge Raincity street team

gmbr5 "3D is work for ape"
great pop punk band from Midlands U.K hired me to makin a rad detailing artwork, im good in makin a fur/ hair (thought) lol. so i decided take this :P
quite pleasure work with them thanks alot Colour:Code especially the guitarist Dan Lindsay
soon will be available at: www.myspace.com/colourcodebandband

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